1.84repeating as a mixed number in simplest form

Accepted Solution

Hello!I'm assuming you're looking for 1.848484.The first thing we want to do is get rid of the repeating part. The way we can do this is subtract the number we are given from itself multiplied by a power of 10. So, set 1.8484... = x. And based off of that, find 100x. This is because the next time the decimal repeating will become .8484 again is after two numbers pass.1.848484... = x184.8484... = 100xNext, subtract x from 100x. This will get rid of the repeating decimal.100x - x = 184.8484... - 1.848499x = 183Finally, divide both sides by 99. This leaves us with a fraction.99x = 183x = 183 / 99Simplify this fraction.183 / 99 -> 61 / 33Finally, turn it into a mixed number, as this is the form your question is looking for.61/33 -> 1 28/33Hope this helps!