1. A local pizzeria sold 65 pizzas yesterday.(a) The owner offers the employees a bonus if the number of pizzas sold increases by 20% today????How many pizzas must the pizzeria sell for employees to receive the bonus? Explain your reasoning. <<<<<<<(b) Suppose the actual number of pizzas sold today was 60. Describe the number of pizzas sold as a percentincrease or decrease, rounded to the nearest hundredth. <<<<<<<<<Show your work.<<<<<<<<

Accepted Solution

Answer:(a) They should sell 78 pizzas to receive the bonus(b) 7.69 % decreaseStep-by-step explanation:(a) The number of pizzas the owner wants to see sold is 65 plus 20% of 65We can calculate 20% of 65 by multiplying the decimal form of 20% (0.2) times 65. That is: [tex]0.2*65=13[/tex]. This means that the owner wants to sell 65 + 13 = 78 pizzas today.(b) If the actual number of pizzas sold was 60, the reality is that the number of pizzas sold decreased (from 65 to 60). We can therefore calculate the percent of decrease as:[tex]\frac{original\,number-final\,number}{original\,number} *100=\\=\frac{65-60}{65} *100=\frac{5}{65} *100=7.69230[/tex] %We can round this percent number to its nearest hundredth as: 7.69 %