Find the greatest common factor : 32a^3b^2, 44ab^3 and 40a^2bFind the greatest common factor : 25^2q^3, 15p^2q^2 and 35pq^4

Accepted Solution

1) 4ab
2)  5pq²

Greatest common factor is sometimes known as GCD (greatest common divisor). It means the greatest number that can divide a set of numbers.
For example, the GCD of 12 and 18 is 6.

Question 1
Find the GCF of 32a^3 b^3,44ab^3,and 40a^2 b. To do this you can factor out the common term.
32a^3 b^3,44ab^3,and 40a^2 b
Dividing every term by ab we shall have,
ab(32a^2 b^2,44b^2,and 40a)
Dividing again by 4,
4ab(8a^2 b^2,11b^2,and 10a)
Have no other common factor, the GCF = 4ab

Question 2
Find the GCF of 25p²q³,15p² q² and 35pq^4 . To do this you can factor out the common term.
25p²q³,15p² q² and 35pq^4
Dividing each term by 5,
5(5p²q^3, 3p²q² and 7pq^4)
Dividing again by pq2,
5pq² (5pq, 3p and 7q² )
There no been any other common divisor, the GCF = 5pq²