Match the ordered pairs so that the relation defined by the set of ordered pairs does not represent a function.Tiles(2, 3)(-5, 2)(-5, 1)(6, -5)(6, 5)(2, 2)(0, 3)(-1, 0)(-1, 6)can somebody match these for me? Im sorry eh

Accepted Solution

From what I understand about the problem, I think you have to match them so that the x values are the same.  For two coordinate points to be on the same function, every x has to have its own y.  Since we're trying to not make a function, we should deliberately match the x values.

(2,3) (2,2)
(-5,2) (-5,1)
(6,-5) (6,5)
(-1,0) (-1,6)

I'm not sure where the (0,3) belongs.