Need help. 10 points algebra​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Answer:For a=16, the Maximum Heart Rate is 188 Beats Per Minute.Step-by-step explanation:To begin, we know that the formula:b(a)=200-0.75a    Eqn(1).is equivalent to a linear equation of algebraic form denoted as:y=k+mx                  Eqn(2)as such that  Eqns (1) and (2) relate as follow:y ⇔ b(a): denoting our Dependent Variable, in this case Max. Heart Rate in Beats Per Minutex ⇔ a: is our Independent Variable, in this case the Age of the Personm ⇔ 0.75: denoting the Rate of Change of the Age.k ⇔ 200: denoting our Constant.Now in the question our value of b(a) is given as 188 beats per minute, which by plugging in Eqn(1) gives:200-0.75a=188from which we can solve to obtain the value of a as follow:-0.75a=188-200          Gather similar terms on each side-0.75a=-12\\                   Simplifya=\frac{-12}{-0.75}                           Solve for aa=16Which tells us that at the Age of 16, the Max. Heart Rate is 188 Beats Per Minute. Step-by-step explanation: :)