The graphs of quadrilateral LMNO and its image are shown below.  Quadrilateral LMNO is translated horizontally and vertically, resulting in its image, quadrilateral L'M'N'O'. Use the vertices from a pair of corresponding angles in the images to algebraically describe the horizontal and vertical translation. Include all of your work in your final answer.

Accepted Solution

You can use the ordered pairs to describe the translation that took place.

If you choose any vertex, you can use that to describe the translation that occurred with all vertices.

I'll look at N. Vertex N moved to the right 5 and up 7.

You can use the beginning and ending ordered pairs to see these distances.

Start: (-1, -1)
End: (4, 6)

-1 to 4 is 5 units
-1 to 6 is 7 units