27 Divided by What Equals 45?

Accepted Solution


This guide will help you in understanding how to solve problems that deal with division when there is a missing number involved. Let's try it with one of such cases: "27 divided by what equals 45?

Solving this problem entails replacing the word 'what' with a variable. In most cases, the variable used is 'x'. If we represent 'what' with 'x', the problem will then become "what number x can divide 27 to yield 45?"

The illustration is as follows:

Firstly, we enact the problem in the form of an equation to make it visually simpler:

\frac{27}{x} = 45

The goal now is to get 'x' all by itself on one side of the equation:

27 = 45 * x

Then, the next step is to isolate 'x' by diving both sides of the equation by 45:

\frac{27}{45} = x

After simplifying the equation, 'x' measures up to 0.600 when rounded up to three decimal places.

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``` (Note: The LaTex formulas for "\frac{27}{x} = 45", "27 = 45 * x", "\frac{27}{45} = x" don't appear well in the preview, but they work when compiled in any LaTex editor.)