93 Divided by What Equals 74?

Accepted Solution

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Calculating: 93 Divided by What Equals 74

To solve this problem, we'll consider the "what" as our variable, typically referred to as "x" in math. Essentially, we are looking for a value of x, which, when we divide 93 by, will yield 74.

Solution Process

Our problem can be represented as the equation: \(\frac{93}{x} = 74\). Our goal is to isolate x. Firstly, we need to rearrange the equation so that x is on one side. Our first step is to multiply both sides of the equation by x, resulting in: \(93 = 74 * x\).

Next, we isolate x to one side of the equation by dividing both sides by 74. Thus, our equation becomes: \(\frac{93}{74} = x\).

When we simplify this equation, we are able to find a value for x rounded to three decimal places if necessary. Thus, \(x = 1.257\).

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