What is 18/7 Divided by 16/1?

Accepted Solution

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Figuring out the equation "18/7 Divided by 16/1", might seem a bit complex at first. Let's break it down into smaller, more manageable parts.

In this given equation, we have the first fraction, or the dividend, which is made up of the numerator, 18, and the denominator, 7. The second fraction or the divisor, can be broken down into its numerator, 16, and its denominator, 1.

We can now start solving the problem, using these values:

Numerator of the dividend: 18
Denominator of the dividend: 7
Numerator of the divisor: 16
Denominator of the divisor: 1

Given the problem:

\[ \frac{18}{7} \div \frac{16}{1} \]

We follow the steps:

Step 1: The first stage of solving a division problem between two fractions is multiplication. Therefore, we don't divide, but multiply the numerator of the dividend, 18, by the denominator of the divisor, 1. Here's how it goes:

\[ 18 \times 1 = 18 \]

This value will be the numerator in our answer.

Step 2: Next, we multiply the denominator of the dividend, 7, by the numerator of the divisor, 16:

\[ 7 \times 16 = 112 \]

This value will be the denominator in our answer.

Step 3: Now we combine the two answers into one fraction, which will be the solution to the problem in fractional form:

\[ \frac{18}{112} = \frac{9}{56} \]

To convert this answer to the decimal form, we divide the numerator, 18, by the denominator, 112. The final rounded answer is 0.161:

\[ \frac{18}{112} = 0.161 \]

In decimal form, "18/7 divided by 16/1" equals 0.161. In fraction form, the answer is 9/56.

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