What is 18/9 Divided by 1/10?

Accepted Solution

Dividing Fractions and Whole Numbers

Understanding Division of Fractions: An Example

In this tutorial, we will illustrate how to solve the problem of dividing fractions or whole numbers. Specifically, the problem that we will solve here is - What is 18/9 divided by 1/10?

In order to solve such problems, it is beneficial to break the problem into smaller pieces. In our case, we have the first fraction, 18/9, and the second one, 1/10. It would be helpful to breakdown these fractions into corresponding numerators and denominators:

  • Numerator of the first fraction (dividend): 18
  • Denominator of the first fraction (dividend): 9
  • Numerator of the second fraction (divisor): 1
  • Denominator of the second fraction (divisor): 10

Solving Step-by-step

We will now solve the problem step by step:

Step 1: Firstly, multiply the numerator of the dividend, 18, by the denominator of the divisor, 10, which gives 180 (i.e. \(18 \times 10 = 180\)).

Step 2: Secondly, multiply the denominator of the dividend, 9, by the numerator of the divisor, 1, which gives 9 (i.e. \(9 \times 1 = 9)\). This will be the denominator of the final answer.

Step 3: Finally, put these numbers together in a fraction, giving 180/9, which simplifies to 20 (i.e. \( \frac{180}{9} = 20\)).

Hence, 18/9 divided by 1/10 is equal to 20.

Further Practice

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