What is 27 Divided by 3/17?

Accepted Solution


We're examining the division of a whole number by a fraction, in this case 27 divided by 3/17. To solve these kinds of problems, we need to understand each part: the 'whole number' or dividend (27), the numerator (3) and the denominator (17) of the 'fraction' or divisor.

To answer the question of 'What is 27 Divided by 3/17?' we'll perform the following steps:

  1. Setup the problem: 27 Γ· \(\frac{3}{17}\)
  2. Multiply the dividend (27) by the denominator of the divisor (17): 27 x 17 equals 459
  3. Turn the numerator (3) of the divisor into the denominator of the result. This gives us 459/3, which simplifies to 153/1. In general, a fraction with 1 as the denominator can be represented solely by its numerator, so the final result is 153.

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