What is 91 Divided by 8/9?

Accepted Solution


To understand the concept of dividing a number with a fraction, let's calculate what is 91 divided by 8/9. In general, a division problem can easily be solved if another operation is known in combination with it.

Firstly, part the problem into pieces for ease of calculation:

  • The complete number our division problem starts with is 91 also referred to as the dividend.
  • The fraction divisor can be split into the numerator which is 8 and the denominator is 9.

The problem now turns into: β€œWhat is 91 divided by 8/9?”. Let's solve this equation and find out both fraction and decimal results.

The first step in solving this division problem is to write it out:

${91 \over {8 \over 9}}$, which is mathematically equivalent to: $91 \times \frac{9}{8}$

The first step involves multiplying the whole number 91 with the denominator of the fraction (9): 91 x 9 = 819.

The second step involves placing the resultant of the first step as the numerator and placing 8 as the denominator of the answer to get the result in fractional form:


For our solution in decimal form, we divide 819 by 8 rounding to the nearest three decimal points:

$\frac{819}{8} = 102.38$

Therefore, 91 divided by 8/9 equals 102.38 in decimal form and 819/8 in simplest fractional form.

Try practicing this concept with following examples: what is 84 divided by 2/12? Or, what is 10/19 divided by 14/15? What about 16/6 divided by 13? Remember to solve using both decimal and fractional output forms.